Friday, February 23, 2007

IMA 2007 - Friday - Election Smackdown and Other Delights

Today was the final day of the Public Media Conference in Boston. It was my second day here. This morning I attended a meaty session on covering elections with BBC's Paul Brannon, Bob Collins from MPR and others. A lot of great ideas here. Naturally, I will shamelessly steal the best ones for our '08 page.

This afternoon Michael Skoler moderated a fast paced session on "news games," which convey journalistic information in an entertaining and interactive format. Check some of these out.

Thursday night we made our way over to Jury's Hotel for the Open Source listener party and enjoyed a few minutes with Open Source staffers Brendan, Mary, Chris, David, Greta along with a great group of blog-contributing listeners. It was a fascinating example of virtual entities colliding in real space. I thought I heard a couple of guests speaking hexidecimal, but it might have been binary. I'm rusty. Some pics here, including one extra goony one of me.

Speaking of flattering photos, here's one of my outstanding station manager Tom Dollenmayer, who departs Saturday morning for Tampa... I'll be sticking around one more day for the Beyond Broadcast workshop.

It's been a good gathering so far, despite all of the gloomy prognostications and angst ridden warnings of tectonic shifts in the industry.

The bright side: This place is filled with smart, engaged people who get it.

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